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Dear readers,
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the first ever “Advances in Sciences and Arts” issue. As the Chief Editor of this esteemed journal, I am honoured to introduce the outstanding collection of articles, reviews, and short communications featured in this first volume of issue one.

The first issue of Advances in Sciences and Arts ensured that it embraces the journal's spirit of bridging Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). The journal acts as a forum for open dialogue of STEAM as well as expanding the body of transdisciplinary knowledge. This first issue is a collection of articles in the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology. We believe the contributions exemplify the multidisciplinary nature of innovation, and that they will captivate and inspire readers. Although this issue, only has science, engineering and technology, we envisage more publications in Mathematics and Arts in the forthcoming issues. We made sure that we deliver high quality research papers, support STEAM authors to meet global research standards, embrace the diversity of knowledge domains, and pursue modern niche research with STEAM professionalism.

The contents within these articles demonstrate the tireless efforts of researchers and scientists across Malawi and beyond. Their dedication to advancing knowledge and pushing the boundaries of science, engineering and technology is truly remarkable.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated team of reviewers has worked meticulously to ensure the quality and rigor of the research presented. Their expertise and commitment to upholding the highest standards of academic excellence are commendable and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to them.

Our sincere appreciation also goes to our authors for their efforts in writing the papers and working on the comments from the reviewers. Their highest academic standards are commendable, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to them.

To our readers, we thank you for being part of the team that advances science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics and their synergies. Enjoy this issue, engage in the discussions that ensue and contribute to the ongoing deliberations in the fields.

Professor Jonathan Makuwira

Latest Articles

Research Article

Low-cost ride-on toy cars for children living with mobility disability in low- and middle- income countries

Edwin khundi

Many children with disabilities, most especially in low- and middle-income countries such as Malawi, face mobility related challenges. Different studies recommend the use of ride-on-toy cars to increase mobility and socialization of children with disabilities. Besides, the ride on toy cars can also be used by able bodied children for r...

Category: Engineering | Downloads: 636 | Views: 1007

Research Article

Solid Waste Composition and Waste-to-Energy Options at the Malawi University of Science and Technology in Malawi

Mapereka Francis Chagunda , Hope Chamdimba , Esther Mulipa , Austin Nyirenda

Lack of understanding of solid waste composition and generation rates is one of the major bottlenecks to the adoption of waste- to-energy technologies. Therefore, this study analyzed solid waste composition and generation rates at the Malawi University of Science and Technology. In addition, the study examined the potential waste-to-...

Category: Technology | Downloads: 451 | Views: 484

Research Article

Multi-Temporal land use change detection analysis using landsat data: The case of Lilongwe City

Brino Kapatamoyo , Vincent Katonda , Steven Gondwe

Land use land cover (LULC) studies have played a significant role in sustainable urban planning and development. In this study, Remote Sensing and GIS was used to detect and analyse LULC change for the years 1998, 2008 and 2018 in Lilongwe city. The maximum-likelihood algorithm was adopted for supervised classification Landsat TM...

Category: Science | Downloads: 516 | Views: 613

Review Article

T Cell Subsets and COVID-19: Function and Dysregulation Effect

Chikondi Malamba-Banda , Chisomo Kafamau , Tiyamike Nthandira , Austine Kumwenda , David T. Mzinza , Gama P. Bandawe , Wilson L. Mandala

T cell responses are an important component of the human immune response to viral infections and specifically for viral clearance, establishing memory recall and inducing antibody responses. In SARS-CoV-2 infected individuals, lymphopenia and/or T-cell exhaustion somehow contributes towards the development of severe diseases. In contrast, long-live...

Category: Science | Downloads: 358 | Views: 511

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This publication features the bridges between Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM). In this context, the journal acts as a forum for open dialogue of STEAM as well as expanding the body of transdisciplinary knowledge.
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